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Aircard sim card swap into a phone....


Aircard sim card swap into a phone....

I tried this but did not transfer any data on the phone. I took my sim card out of my air card and put it in my cell phone. What would happen if you transfered data over the phone with the aircard sim in there? I have a unlimited plan on my air card. Is it the same type of data transfer on a cell phone and a air card?

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Re: Aircard sim card swap into a phone....

I don't work for ATT, but I'm pretty confident in telling you that you would be using your aircard's data plan. The only way this wouldn't be the case is if you were roaming: either out of country, or on another GSM network like T-Mobile's.
ATT is fine with you doing this, because nothing transfers as much data as a laptop computer. Since you've paid for the laptop data plan, using it in a phone is less taxing on their network.
The thing to watch for when you put this SIM card in your phone is phone calls and SMS messages. Chances are, you don't have a calling plan on this SIM, so you will pay a very high per-minute rate for voice calls.
Lastly, the speeds you get will now depend on your phone, not on your data card. If your phone is very old, you may only get GPRS speed, EDGE is one better, and only recent phones have UMTS or HSDPA. But it's up to you to decide if the speed is satisfactory. Enjoy it, you've already paid.
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