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After 3 months..can request unlock iphone 4s from AT&T


After 3 months..can request unlock iphone 4s from AT&T

hey everyone...i just talk with AT&T reperenative, they told me that...when i open account from AT&T and get iphone 4s, after i pay first 3 months, i will be able to request to unlock the iphone 4s... and they SURE about this true?

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Re: After 3 months..can request unlock iphone 4s from AT&T

youngjm wrote:
Read my post, it does point out that the rep was wrong but we don't know if they were new, confused or wanted the sale. If you read the OP's second post, they indicate they were surprised and I would take that as looking for confirmation that something is not right. That is different than someone having an iPHone and expecting it to be unlocked.

So wait--if it's misinformation coming from an AT&T rep, we should chalk it up to the rep being new and/or confused...but if it's a customer mistakenly assuming/believing that AT&T iPhones can be unlocked, said customer is implicitly labeled as a dolt or clueless for not having read the fine print?  Yes you did point out that the rep was wrong but I don't see anyone here making snide comments about how the rep would--and quite frankly, should--have known that AT&T iPhones can't be unlocked had he read the iPhone box and/or AT&T's own policy regarding iPhone unlocks.


Bottom line--if we as customers are expected to know and understand every last letter of AT&T's policies--especially when it comes to iPhones...why should it be any different with AT&T reps?  I'm not saying that reps should be expected to recite policy verbatim or understand every bit of legalize in said policy; I'd rather they tell us that they don't know but can try to find the right answer, rather than thinking they know what the right answer is regardless of whether it is indeed the correct one and thus possibly giving us misinformation.

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Re: After 3 months..can request unlock iphone 4s from AT&T

You're right. AT&T reps should know and give out the right information, and they should be responsible if someone asks them something specific and they give out wrong information.

Unfortunately, in many of the threads here (not this one), that's not what's happened. Usually, someone just buys the phone without asking first and assumes that it is or can be unlocked, and then is surprised to find that it is locked and won't be unlocked. In those instances, I think it is on the person who just made an assumption without bothering to ask first. Again, not what happened here, but far more common.
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Re: After 3 months..can request unlock iphone 4s from AT&T

It really sucks when retail / or over the phone staff
Give out misleading information I've had it happen with me with my Virgin Media Provider Smiley Sad

But as its everywhere posted here about 50 Million times a day its simple iPhones just won't be unlocked
By AT&T I guess its a pain for people to take onboard but there's the unlocked Version for dis-gruntled customers!

If you lived here in Great Britain you could have any of the 5 Providers
Unlock ur iPhones each one does it differently but Orange will unlock for a £19.99
Fee placed on your account after 3x months I contacted them on Facebook !

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Re: After 3 months..can request unlock iphone 4s from AT&T

No one here really knows what was said during the OP's conversation but I am a supervisor and have occasional complaints against those employees where the complaining person says one thing was told to them and when I go back and listen to the phone conversation, 99% of the time nothing remotely close to what the caller says was actually said. I, due to my experiences, always take what people say with a huge grain of salt. If the OP was told that than the Rep should be either disciplined or re-trained.
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