Adobe Flash 10 on the Backflip


Adobe Flash 10 on the Backflip

I have searched around but to no avail. So does anyone know when or if Adobe plans to add the Backflip to their list of Android phones that will support the new Adobe Flash Player 10.



Thanks for any help,


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Re: Adobe Flash 10 on the Backflip

Theres good news and bad news ..



Theres flash for Android, but in my opinion I dont think well see it for a lonnnnnng time on the backflip if at all.


Currently flash is only android 2.2 and were at 1.5 and weve been begging just to get to 2.1, so just getting to 2.2 just to have flash .. I dont think is going to happen. Personally I think our phones will cycle out before its done. Im alreadt regretting not getting a HTC phone.

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