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Addsress Book unavailable


Addsress Book unavailable

Sunday I "upgraded" to the new Samsung Galaxy S2 (1st day available). If I ever get the contacts installed correctly I believe I'll like it.


This is the 3rd day I've been attempting to use the required AT&T Address book, the application that  will "Keep Your Contacts Safe and Accessible" "Your contacts are automatically synchronized between your phone and online address book. Easily restore your contact information if you ever upgrade, damage, or lose your phone."


Days 1 & 2 were spent trying to find a CSV file that would import. I finally had to use MS Excell to save a CSV version of a text file that Outlook created.


Days 2 & 3 were plagued with either conversions that lost  contact information and resulted in blankish entries or site unavailable for maintenance messages.


Has this service ever worked?

Will it work in the near future?


I only have 27 days left to return this phone to AT&T but I don't have the desire to wait much longer. My old iphone 3G doesn't seem so bad anymore.



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