Adding features online


Adding features online

Adding features and money to my gophone online is easy with a credit/debit card.  Given how easy that is, one would assume one could add features (which cost money) as long as the account balance is sufficient.  Either this is not possible, or I haven't figured out how (which I doubt).  I had an over $20 balance and went online to buy the 1000 text package, which costs $10.  My correct account balance is displayed online, so clearly that information is there.  Why can't I buy the $10 message package with $20 in my account online, just like by phone? This seems like an easy and useful addition to the gophone site.  any feedback anyone can give me on this would be much appreciated.





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Re: Adding features online

If you can buy features on your phone, I would think that you can do the same online. As for me, I can buy the data feature plan either way.

Check to see if you can buy the text message plan on another computer. If not, AT&T will have to look into it.
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Re: Adding features online

AT&T has 2 sites for managing your GoPhone service:

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Re: Adding features online

2nd link, that's what I was looking for. Not obviously linked to from the gophone site.

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