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Adding & removing a line from family plan for iPhone


Adding & removing a line from family plan for iPhone

Sorry if this is repetative.  Here's the situation.  I have a family plan with two lines on it.  One is eligible for iPhone upgrade, the other is not.  I want to get iPhones for me and my fiance as a wedding present next month.  I was going to upgrade mine and then add a third line to the account and get an iPhone with that line. 


Assuming I do that: 1) can I simply plug her SIM into the iPhone and activate it on her line? 2) Will I need to add data to the third line? 3) If I need to add data to the third line, can I simply remove it after I activate the phone on her line? 4) I was going to give the third line to my dad.  At what point can I remove the line from my account all together and transfer it to my mom's existing account so they can family plan it?


Basically, I'm trying to get the promo rate on two iPhones without paying any additional recurring charges.  Any suggestions on how to best do this is much appreciated.

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Re: Adding & removing a line from family plan for iPhone

Yes you can get the iPhone by upgrading your line that is available and also by adding an additional line.


Yes you can move the iPhone on your account to use it on whichever line you want.  All that is required is the line that will have the iPhone on it has to have the iPhone data plan.  You can call customer service or visit a store to have them add the iPhone data plan to the line.  If you move the iPhone you do not have to keep the iPhone data plan on the line if your not using an iPhone on it.  In order to cancel the iPhone data plan from a line that its not being used on you have to call/visit ATT and give them the IMEI number for the phone that will be used on the line.  Once they have the IMEI from a non-iPhone device they will remove the plan.


I don't understand why your are adding a line to your account to get an iPhone to only turn around and want to move the line to your parent to add to their family plan.  It would make much more sense to have them just add the line to their account and just give you the phone when they get it and you can use it on your existing line when you add the data plan.  They you don't have to worry about doing a Transfer of Service to move a line between accounts.

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