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Adding a line to existing Iphone plan


Adding a line to existing Iphone plan

I am trying to add a line online and getting confused so I was hoping one of you can help me out/guide me through. I have an Iphone now and wanted to add a regular phone onto my account. When I get on to AT&T Premier I see a list of phones to choose from and after I select the one I want it goes into Line 1? Isn't line one supposed to be me? Also, I would like to add the other line for $9.99 a month and just share our minutes but I would like to keep the unlimited texting and data plans for me. How would I do all of this? Help please!!

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Re: Adding a line to existing Iphone plan

If you have an individual account with only one line and you want to add another line--you have to go to a family plan. I had an individual plan with my iphone with 450min/month. When I added my wife, I had to go to a family plan (since I was adding a line) with 550min/month. That might be the problem you're running into.
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