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Adding a New Text Message Package


Adding a New Text Message Package

I had a small text messaging plan, but upgraded last week due to going over my limit all of the time. I'm wondering if my new text message plan goes into effect immediately after I sign up for it, or if I have to wait until a new billing cycle starts (similar to changing your rate plan).
If it does go into effect immediately, I'm confused b/c I checked my account information online and it shows that I have used 217 texts out of 200 (which was my old text plan). Help!!
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Re: Adding a New Text Message Package

It's never a good idea to change any plans mid-cycle to cover overages, because you actually pay MORE for the overages due to prorating. AT&T does not normally back date plans to cover the overages.
First, think about the following BEFORE you call customer service...
(1) Can you just simply STOP texting until your next billing cycle? The reason is because if you *can* wait until your next billing cycle to start texting again, you will only pay $1.70 in overages.
(2) If you *cannot* stop texting until your next billing cycle starts (When is that, do you know?), call customer service ASAP and have then add the higher msging plan you want.
  • Have them confirm that it is immediately active, then you can start texting under the new plan. Just be aware that you will be paying more than $1.70 for overages on your 200msg plan ($0.10 per overage over your prorated allotment)
  • AND (unless you added the unlimited text plan), you will ALSO be prorated for the 1500 msg plan for the remainder of the cycle. So you won't get the 1500 total to use, but a prorated amount.

Good luck!


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Re: Adding a New Text Message Package

When you change a rate plan it's set by default to be effective the next cycle unless the customer requests otherwise, but when you change a messaging or data feature it's set by default to be effective immediately unless you requested it for the next cycle. 
When you check any kind of usage like minutes, messages, internet, etc.  you will probably NEVER get the exact amount used, unless you haven't used your phone in a few hours.  The system updates every so often, sometimes the usage it shows you will be 2 hours ago, sometimes it CAN even be from 2 days ago (even though this rarely happens).  The last time the system updated in your case was most likely prior to the change.  If it had been updated after the change it would have given the following message: "Data usage not available at this time" or something like that.  Also, you might have used more than 217 messages since it was updated a while before changing the feature.
If you're still unsure, call customer service back to check to check the date the feature will be effective. 

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