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Activation Today or Wait?

Activation Today or Wait?

For those of you who have upgraded to new iPhones on other release dates (this is my first time) are there usually problems connecting with the servers (Apple & AT&T) due to the high volume of activations? With all the nightmares of overloaded servers during preordering and iOS5 updating, is it wise to just wait a day or two before activating? It's not that big of a deal for me to wait if it will help eliminate problems like failed activation and failed restore from backup (iPhone 4) to my new 4s.

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Re: Activation Today or Wait?

I'm updating my new phone now (it's already been activated and it works as I called my hubby from the mall to tell him I got the phones).


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Re: Activation Today or Wait?

It'll be late afternoon before I'll be home from work. I was afraid later in the day may be busier as phones get delivered. :-)
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Re: Activation Today or Wait?

oh yea, I see your point. Good luck with it! Smiley Happy

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Re: Activation Today or Wait?

When I got my 4 last year, It came the day before the official launch just after noon, and I didn't have any problems activating it immediately. But, I think it depends when you are doing it.

Trying it between 7-9 pm tonight is probably going to be a lot more difficult than during the day or very late at night.

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