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Activating sim card


Activating sim card

Hello, i am going on vacation to the US for some weeks, leaving Norway tomorrow morning. I have tried for several weeks to activate AT&T prepaid SIM card, so that it is ready for use once i arrive the US.

I am typing the card no., IMEI of my iphone4, and zipcode 90001 as i will spend the most of the time in California.

One problem is that on the scheme were you are to type in your e-mail adress it is not possible to type @ in the verification line, and it is not possible to use copy and paste either. I solved this problem by using chrome, and autofill in.


Every time i have tried the activation, it starts, and then stops after approx 20-30 seconds with a message stating: 

GP038: The activation has taken longer than normal. Please try again later. 


I have sent request for help now to several support departmenents in the AT&T system, but all i get back is that: sorry this is the wrong departement, try this one.......

The last mail i got from AT&T apologized for the inconvinience, and stated that he had now found the right link for me to follow......... right...... it was a broken link..


I am surely glad i am not a regular customer of AT&T.


For your information, in Norway where i come from all the major network companies has got support centers you can call for free on a 24/7 basis...  Something AT&T customers should demand??


If anyone has got an answer to my problems i would highly appreciate it, as i am leaving Norway in just twelve hours...

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paid 15 dollars 4 payasyougocard,can't refill phone

apoligise paid 15 dollars for a payasyougocard,can't refill phone.I registered  my online acc.,tryed doing it online and i got this in red letters."We seem to be experiencing system issues,please call 611 from your prepaid phone for further assistance.Now i'm on the prepaid phone,dialed 18003524071 then area code my # then 10 digit # on the back of card ,and your operators response was "We are unable to process your request at the time,we apologize please try again later"I have been trying for the past 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Re: Activating sim card

I have a question that cannot be found on the at&t website. If I go and buy a cellphone on the at&t website with a new SIM and contract, is there a time span on when I have to activate the SIM card?

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Re: Activating sim card

I believe so, yes, although I don't know the exact time allowance. I think you're allowed up to 30 days?

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