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Activated but 3G light continues to flash


Activated but 3G light continues to flash

OK, so I've successfully activated my microcell 2x (thought re-trying the activation might help but no luck). I get the text that it's activated and should be working but bottom 3g light never stops flashing. Top 3 lights are solid green.


Won't even go into how unhelpful ATT has been...I see this place is full of those threads.


My question is this: what are the things that could be causing a communication error? I'm assuming its a default firewall on my Time Warner cable modem but just don't know what settings to change. ATT says they don't know either. Not 100% sure this is the problem but can't think of anything else.


If it helps, ATT Tech Support says they get an error message that some communication error has occurred and I should recycle the microcell's power...Obviously, I've tried that.

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Re: Activated but 3G light continues to flash

Small correction on my post above. If your router gives you the option of picking public and/or private TCP/UDP ports, use both.

MicroCell Technical Guide by Otto Pylot

"Quick Tips: My Microcell Doesn't Work"

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Re: Activated but 3G light continues to flash

Hey, thanks for the specifics, big help. I have a fairly sophisticated router (Syswan24) and I am fairly network/tech saavy. I have done all that you list (the equivalent on my router anyway). I have 10 other computers/devices that work flawlessly. I have Comcast and Verizon DSL (backup), but that is disabled unless an outage on WAN1/Comcast. I have a static IP and port forward 500/UDP and 4500/UDP to the static UP. I still get flashing 3G bars. I really think this is an AT&T issue as I have tried everything. Especially since many others in the past few days have noted outages - makes setting up this thing that much harder! On the router, if I look at the list of NAT connections, I see:a 123 and 4500 IP = (Static IP) - it is taking on ports 123,4500 - have not seen 500 at all, no inbound packets on 4500 (would I see this?). I'd call AT&T tech support, but have a feeling that would be a total waste of time. Any other ideas to try?
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