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Account Transfer and Upgrade


Account Transfer and Upgrade

Some background:  I am trying to transfer my fiancé's account to my account.  I did a Transfer of Billing responsibility and tried to add her line to my current account but it then said the number was ineligible.  This I found out was not possible for us because my number is from NJ and hers is from VA and you cannot combine numbers from different "billing areas".  I would have like to have one account so I could do a family talk plan but I guess I can deal with this.  I could change my phone number do be from the same area but I don't want a new number.

The Transfer of Billing gave me a choice to add a new account under my name.  I get a 15% employee discount through my employer so while we can't do a family talk under one account, I could still have her line under my name in a new account and get the discount. This way we can keep the same numbers and get a discount.

QUESTION: Her CONTRACT ENDED 3 months ago and is eligible for an upgrade. Will she still be eligible for an upgrade after transferring to a new account under my name? I received three responses from calling AT&T support 3 different times:

   Answer 1: The system MAY not allow her. Should upgrade first.

   Answer 2: You are only moving the contract over. If you make no changes, then the contract remains the same and you will be able to upgrade.

  Answer 3:  MAY not be able to.  Someone called the other day after doing this and they had to sign a new contract.


The reason why I want to upgrade after the transfer is because the Refurbished Iphone 4s only seem to be available on my Premier AT&T site through my Employer discount program.

The "Agreement" that I need to agree to at the end of the transfer process is:

  • The full remaining contract term will be moved over from the date the transfer takes place.
  • Financial responsibility will begin once the Transfer is completed.
  • The new account holder must select a rate plan/promotion and additional services/features that are currently offered.
  • All features are being removed. Please check the features page after completing this request to add any additional features.
    • If you have voice mail, your messages may get erased. Please check your messages prior to completing this request.
    • If you have a PDA or Smartphone an appropriate data feature is automatically being added.

SO THIS DOES NOT SAY ANYTHING ABOUT AGREEING TO A NEW 2 YEAR CONTRACT.  Answer 2 above said if I make no changes I can upgrade. It is making me change the data plan, however, the terms do not say I am entering a new 2 year contract. Therefore, I should still be eligible for an upgrade. Why can't AT&T tell me BEFORE I agree to something if I definitely CAN or CANNOT upgrade afterwards.  I told the person from Answer 3 it says nothing about a new contract. I also asked once I press the agree button, and it tells me I can't upgrade, how hard is it to argue that I should be eligible and be able to upgrade? She said file a complaint that can take 3 months!  




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