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Access to voice mail from outside the USA

Access to voice mail from outside the USA

ATT has given me nothing but grief.


I have recently moved to Canada; I wanted to keep my US phone until I got established in Canada.


When I tried to get into my voicemail, the message came back and asked me for a password. Trying to navigate through this horrible system ATT has was frustrating. Eventually, I was able to get on line support (I couldn't figure out how to actually call ATT for help). I thought that the customer service rep solved the issue; for that day, I was able to access my voice mail once ATT set up my password.


The next day, I called in for my messages; this time, I was asked for a mailbox. Again, I got some online help; it wasn't. The online customer service lady made things worse and wiped out my capability for resetting my password. After many hours and speaking (I finally figured out how to talk to a "human"); ATT determined that although it was their fault for accidentally removing the capability, I had to come back to the USA for them to rectify the issue. Imagine, a multi-billion dollar company that cannot even reset my voicemail!!! After trying to be nice a civil, swearing and threatening; nothing.


I have a car being delivered; probably delivered. The last message that I received was that if my car is delivered to a customs clearing house, I had 24 hours to get it else $100 a day will be charged. That was 2 days ago, this is the Christmas holidays. I believe that the car carrier has left me a message; I have pleaded, begged and threatened swore at customer reps to retrieve the message. I have left numerous messages with the car carrier; they don't return my calls either.


This nightmare of frustration could be alleviated but this billion dollar high tech company called ATT cannot reset my phone while I am in another country. Albeit their fault, they do not care; they blame me the customer for their error. No, hitting the "1" has not worked; we tried this 100's of times!!!


Buyer beware; if you are traveling outside the US, do not use ATT. Their phone messaging capability does not work properly and they do not have the technical know how to help you. While living in Canada, I used the Canadian affiliate and never had these issues while travelling to the USA!!!


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Re: Access to voice mail from outside the USA

That's unfortunately how voicemail works and is the same for all carriers.
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