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Access audio player when phone is locked? ATRIX


Access audio player when phone is locked? ATRIX

I'm new to smartphones and since getting my ARTIX have been using it instead of an iPod for listening to music, audio books, podcasts, etc.

One problem however is that when the phone locks the audio player is no longer accessible beyond the volume control that's on the side of the phone.
As a result whenever I want to pause, rewind or forward what I am listening to I have to unlock the phone to access the player.
I asked my kids about this and they showed me how on their iPhones they could access the audio player without unlocking the phone.  So far I have been unable to figure out how to do this on my ATRIX.
After searching the settings on the ATRIX I found "Settings>Location & Security Setings>Security Lock Timer (when display is off)" but noticed that Security Lock Timer switch is "Gray" and unavailable on my ATRIX.
Is anyone aware of a setting or app that will allow access to the audio player without having to unlock the phone each and everytime you want to simply pause, rewind or reverse the selection that you are listening to?


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Re: Access audio player when phone is locked? ATRIX

You might have success with Widget Locker. Just a guess though.

I know that HTC phones will allow you to pause, skip to next track and go to the previous track without unlocking the phone from the lock screen. It does have some limitations, but it is useful.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: Access audio player when phone is locked? ATRIX

There are several players available on the Android Market that will let you control playback from the lock screen.  Winamp is pretty popular and it's free.  PowerAMP is feature rich, but only has a 14 day free trial, then you have to buy it.  There are several threads on music players on Atrix over on

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