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ATT unreliability


ATT unreliability


         My name is Casey Culp. I am now a expecting father, do not congratulate me (not because I have not found purpose in life or joy, but because I am now fully aware that this world is full of companies like att who promise like they can perform! The late Betty White was once quoted, "An ounce of performance is worth a pound of promise." My wife, Now mother, and I have been plagued with problems with att. If it is not a bill that is adjusted, it is a serious problem with performance. My business is run primarily through my number, {Personal content removed for your safety}. I do not want to bve called to become aware of new offers, or a bill that is due when I still experience the same problems. My bill was reduced twice to my count, but in such a complicated way that it has now been suspended. A technical support advisor was to contact me or my wife( who I have made a contact for our plan two times but has never been contacted) and when I got that call I could not hear the advisor nor could he or she hear me, because all I heard was garbled words and a dead line. How am I supposed to fix a problem if I can't talk on the phone to do it. The level of incompetence that ATT has displayed has stooped to the level that Birmingham, the city of, has rumored it to have, and Unless this matter of a bill in the amount of 289 dollars is resolved without my involvement, I will be forced to seek help outside of your "technical support". I will make this clear in writing as I have never done so it is on record( since several conversations are not detailed to your(ATT) benefit, or exist at all. I will move to a better company(Verizon) and pay more money for what I expect... Reliability. When I get a bill, like my parents and the rest of my family does, I will see in detail without extraneous fees to hide incompetence and an unsubstantiated need for more "sneaky" money as a result of generally unreliable and overcomplicated service.

Sincerely, your previously satisfied and now hatefully opposed(at not fault but your own) customer

Casey AND Anna Clare {Personal content removed for your safety}

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My Wife's Clarity

 I just posted.

 My wife wanted to make it clear, the lack of payment on our bill is not a result of our insufficiency, but your unwillingness to have anyone call us more than twice when each time our conversation is cutt off by ill timing on your part, you do not call within the times you PROMISE, or service that is so bad IN MY OWN HOUSE WHERE MY BUSINESS IS RUN FROM, that the conversastion cannot be completed. If you come an inch I will come a MILE, but I have not seen a MILLIMETER!

Casey {Personal content removed for your safety}

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