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ATT is bent on class separation!


ATT is bent on class separation!

I just got a Freestyle because I need a phone that will sync with my Outlook at work. Well it doesn't do that due to some issues that aren't ATT's fault.


However, when I went to look at the apps, there was NOTHING useful. All of them were geared toward subscription fees and getting me to incur data charges.


Okay, I realize no one supports offbeat OS's (BREW), but this phone lacks real basics. There is no notetaking app! There is no pdf viewer much less a doc viewer.


I used to have a Nokia E63 that I bought on ebay that was apparently below their radar, because they didn't force me into a data plan.


I can't afford a data plan therefore ATT is going to castrate my phone until I get so po'd  I find another way to get the functionality that I need. Oh well, I guess I will just spew venom for the remaining 23.5 months of my contract.


Huge disappointment.


Att, you think you are clever and forcing people into your parasitic data plan scheme, but someday something else will come along and we will all dance on your flippin' grave.



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Re: ATT is bent on class separation!

Interesting rant, but AT&T does not read this forum.

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Re: ATT is bent on class separation!

Yes we do. Smiley Happy


FreePile - I'm sorry you're not able to find the apps you're looking for. I'll take a look and see if I can find free apps that will work for you. 


Perhaps some of our awesome community members will have some suggestions for you as well. Smiley Happy


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Re: ATT is bent on class separation!

Jamileh, good to see someone from AT&T here! In the past, not much "official" information or assistance was available, only moderators telling people to keep it nice! Are you, by chance, an HTC device expert?
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Re: ATT is bent on class separation!

Take it back before your 30 days are up and put your sim back in your old phone. That will also release you from your 2 year contract.

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Re: ATT is bent on class separation!

Good for you, Jamile.


I don't really expect any solution because my main beef is with what I perceive to be ATT's corporate strategy.


I also wanted to warn any fellow users that thought because this was an HTC phone that they might get some cool features.


I love the HTC Sense interface. It is very fast and slick. I am not terribly surprised that there aren't any apps either. I just thought that certain standard things are left off of the phone. It's like buying a car that has an FM radio and no CD player. And that might be HTC's fault, but I suspect that ATT spec'd a lot of things on the phone. They went to great lengths to make sure there are plenty of apps that will make me incur data charges. (Even though I got this phone to avoid getting a data plan.) I am sure that a lot of people think it is silly to avoid a data plan, but I know that I am not alone in trying to be frugal in this economy. Smiley Wink


Any way, you were being a good little customer service soldier in trying to sooth the angry customer, but my issues are probably not going to be fixed.


Thanks for the attempt,


FreePile (I usually don't use snotty screen names.)

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Re: ATT is bent on class separation!

Unfortunately the previous phone has a bad microphone. I actually looked into getting it fixed, but eventually decided that surely there must be some new phone that I could live with.


I have been carrying the Nokia and the HTC because the Nokia still sync's via Bluetooth to my Outlook. I call it my PDA now.


I could probably make it that way for another 2 years, but the Nokia makes a frying eggs sound now when I charge it!


I was considering returning the HTC anyway and then trying buying a smartphone on E-bay that ATT might not recognize and force me into a data plan, but that is a little more risky than I would like. I don't want to spend a couple of hundred dollars to find out that they still zap me with the data plan.


I'll just lay down and let them have their way with me I guess. BUT I WON'T LIKE IT!

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