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ATT go phone account number


ATT go phone account number

I have an ATT Prepaid 'Go Phone'...  I need to get my account number in order to have my phone 'ported'; how do I get my prepaid account number?  It is not online with my account data and the regular ATT Customer Service folks do not have a clue!

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Re: ATT go phone account number

Call 1-800-901-9878 for customer service again so that you may talk to one who can tell you your account number.
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Re: ATT go phone account number

I am so angry and frusterated. I have to change from AT&T to Stream because of a family issue and now I am unable to get my account number. Are you just hoping to keep me with AT&T? It is not going to work and I need my old number because I do charity work for shut ins. Please give me my account number!!! I cannot call 611 because I do not have the sim card for Att in my phone. I do not have a land line.

When I call the 800 number they say I have the wrong number and tell me to call 611 and I end up with Stream.  This is not right.

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