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ATT Wireless incompatible with OS LION?


ATT Wireless incompatible with OS LION?

I seem to having instability with my wireless service. This has happened after I installed new OS Lion operating system on my home Mac. I keep getting locked out of my wireless system on my wireless devices, and get messages that my password doesn't work. I am able to get wireless working again if I reboot the ATT wireless gateway, but this is a MAJOR inconvenience and I don't want to have to be doing this every two to three days.


Any one else having this problem and if so, might it be linked to incompatibility issues with OS Lion? What can be done?

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Re: ATT Wireless incompatible with OS LION?

Is this with ATT DSL or Uverse Internet service? You posted this in the Wireless(cellular) Community.

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Re: ATT Wireless incompatible with OS LION?

I have been having the same issue. I have spent literally HOURS on the phone with att support and they never asked which operating system I am running. My email will work fine for days and then I get the same error message you mention.


Restarting the Mail program does not help. VERY FRUSTRATING!


Have you found a solution? I can't believe that there aren't others who are having this same problem. Why isn't ATT addressing it?

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