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ATT New Smartphones Rumors?

ATT New Smartphones Rumors?

Before the end of the year, I plan to buy a new smartphone.
My carrier is ATT and I am staying with them.

Question is, anytime in the near future (within 4-6 months), do any of you know of any plans for ATT to add any new smartphones?
As it stands I was going to choose between the iPhone 4 and the Samsung.
However, if the iPhone is being redesigned in that timeframe, I'd reconsider.
I'd really like it if ATT carried an HTC phone like the EVO on sprint, the aria stinks.

Do any of you know the inside scoop, and if not, where can I get such tips/rumors?

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Re: ATT New Smartphones Rumors?


wingrider01 wrote:

diagoro wrote:

Which ones are those? Are they 4.05"???? 

Of course, according to his holiness, Steve Jobs, no one would ever want a screen larger than 3.5 anyways......bring on the cool-aid.

took me 30 seconds to find them on att's site.

Please share....last I checked, the 'comparison mode' only had device measurements, not screen size.

As for Rounin's post, ATT seems to stop at 4.1". I wont count on rumored devices until they appear, as there was one from Asus that was 4.7"......


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Re: ATT New Smartphones Rumors?

Rounin wrote:
Well, the Windows Phone 7 Dell Venue Pro was just released. There is the rumored Dell Thunder/Venue android handset for release in the next couple of months - And then there is the recently leaked Motorola Olympus android handset set to be announced Jan 5th at CES. It's supposed to be running Froyo w/Motoblur and have a 4.1 inch display, 8mp camera w/LED flash, front-facing camera, and HDMI port / microUSB. Oh...and it's got a dual-core Tegra2 processor.

The new "Olympus" sounds like it would fit me perfectly... Smiley Happy


But there aren't many devices out there (especially on AT&T) that offer 4" screens or larger that I know of...

Cat Happy Remember that Wild Banchi... 1993-2010 Cat Happy

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