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ATT Customer Service Reps


ATT Customer Service Reps

I'd like to take some time today and talk about ATT customer service reps.


Every single rep that posts on this forum are the ones I hope and pray for when I call in. All reps that have been posting, and I wont name them because I don't want to leave any out, all of them are really wonderful. No matter if they are working for a 3rd party that does customer service for ATT or if they are corporate people working in house, they are usually not allowed (nor do they have time frankly) to be on here posting. No, they do this as a small hobby from home or their phone while at lunch or break. Any "customer" that has come on here and said negative things about reps in general should realize that they are talking with other human beings. If a rep makes a mistake, its a human error. It happens, don't pretend that you yourself are perfect.


I see a lot of people that just bash and bash reps on here. Yeah, maybe someone messed up your account but its a mistake and everyone makes them. They have a job, and they are held to strict quality standards. So its not like they are not trying. Now I know not every rep enjoys their job but a large majority do and they want to help.


I just read a post where someone was referring to a rep as a "flunkie". In my opinion that is uncalled for, and I reported it to a moderator as such. These people are trying to help, and especially the ones that post on here.


I try to kudos every single rep that posts a reply to someone's question, because I know corporate ATT doesn't care less if your helping anyone on here. Your not paid more, you just like solving peoples problems.


Kudos to every single rep.

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Re: ATT Customer Service Reps

I know that at least 1 ATT call center is thinking about closing today/tomorrow, not sure if it actually will. I was made aware of this by some friends that work for the company.


If the weather is bad they will close it.

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Re: ATT Customer Service Reps

FIRED DUE TO INCLEMET WEATHER, i think not....we have 5 call centers closed and my call center has to work 1-2 hours MANDATORY OVERTIME per agent because of that....


I am an AT&T employee and the postings on this site are my own and don't necessarily represent AT&T's position, strategies or opinions.
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