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ATT 3G Microcell with 4G Elevate Connection to Internet???


ATT 3G Microcell with 4G Elevate Connection to Internet???



I apologize right up front if this has been covered somewhere on the boards but I can't find it. Background information - I live out in the country and have a very weak 3G cellular phone signal in my home and around my property (we live in a small valley with hills behind our home). I had been using a satellite service for home internet but it was painfully sloooooow and unreasonably expensive. I heard about the ATT 4G Elevate Wifi Mobile Hot Spot. After checking for Att data coverage I discovered that we had reasonable good 4G data coverage in the area (although I still don't know why the 3G phone coverage is so spotty - but I digress). I decided to give the 4G Elevate and Wifi service a shot. I recently purchased the ATT 4G Elevate Wifi Mobile Hot Spot and connected it to an Ethernet Wireless Bridge which is then connected to my network router. I now get high speed (much faster than the satellite) internet service to my home network via the ATT Wifi 4G Data Service. So far the 4G wifi service over the 4G Elevate Mobile Hotspot has been rock solid and 5 to 10 times faster (according to than my old satellite service and as long as I watch the data usage it is much faster. I wish ATT offered an unlimited data plan.


Now for my question. Is it possible to purchase an ATT 3G Microcell and have it function off of the Wifi signal from the ATT 4G Elevate. I was hoping I could attach the Microcell to my network router and have it route my 3G cellular phone calls over the ATT 4G data network via the ATT 4G Elevate Wifi signal.


This may sound stupid but it really is my only thought at somehow boosting my 3G phone signal enough to make the cell phone reliable at home in our rural setting. I can't use a Microcell with the satellite service anyway and there are no other broadband internet options available (No cable, DSL, etc.) where I live.


Your thoughts and suggestions are deeply appreciated.



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