AT&T "Can't cancel order" Seriously?


AT&T "Can't cancel order" Seriously?

Long time AT&T user here.  Getting ready to jump ship to another carrier.  Hopefully I'll have better service.


AT&T "pushed" me in to upgrading to the IPhone 4S.  So I ordered the dang thing, they charge me the heafty $199.00 and tell me the phone will ship in 7 days.  A few days later, I receive an email from AT&T giving me a link to check the order status. 


This email also contains my order number and my SHIPPING order number.  So I click on the link, enter the required information and it tells me that it's invalid.  So I then chose to check the status by cell phone number, after entering my 10 digit cell phone number (minus the dashes) it tells me that my number has to be 10 digits!  I carefully count the digits to make sure I don't have fumbly fingers and I entered all 10 digits correctly.  So I clear the field and try again.  Same result.  So I then call the number they provide to check on the status over the phone.  Again, after entering the required shipping order number, I hear their automated operator tell me that info is invalid.  It then asks me to enter my cell number, which I do, and again a voice tells me that it's invalid.  So the preverbial HOLD starts as I select "0" to speak to a live body.


When I spoke to a live body (after a long hold time), the live body told me that the phone had been shipped.  OK, that sounded good to me.  A few days go by, and no phone.  So I decided to check the status again. Went through the same process of checking the status and the "system" telling me that every thing I enter is invalid.  So I again call a live body and after going through the first two live bodies that were reading from some "customer service response card" I requested to speak to a manager.  From here it gets too long and confusing because I spoke to Supervisors who aren't managers, and managers who don't know any supervisors ect..ect... I spoke to a live body who told me that the phone is on backorder and I won't see it for another 21-30 days (at least)


I promptly said that I wanted to cancel my order and he simply replied "We can't do that".... WHAT?  Excuse me?  YOU Can't DO THAT? 


So someone please send me "instructions" on how to cancel my order.  I'm getting no where with the live bodies that I have to wait on hold (forever) to speak to.





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Re: AT&T "Can't cancel order" Seriously?

Update on my situation.


I decided to check the order status of my phone last week.  The email that AT&T sent me with a link to check status has never worked, neither has the automated call in number to check status.  Anyway, I decided to click on the link and by gosh, it looked different and brought up a page instead of red ERROR letters.  Well, it took me a minute to focus on what the status was because I was so shocked that the page actually loaded this time.  Well, the status said "order cancelled".  So I called the automated number, and got the same results over the phone "order cancelled".  So I called AT&T and waited another 15-20 minutes to speak to a "human" and they verified that my Iphone 4S order had been cancelled. NO Notification from AT&T that my order had been cancelled, NOTHING.  I wanted the phone cancelled after dealing with the boofuses over the phone and they told me that it couldn't be cancelled, hence the start of my rant on this forum.  THEN they cancel my phone order without notifiying me and this whole time I'm still waiting for the danged phone to be shipped to me.  So I have been waiting for 3 weeks for this stupid phone and now if I started a new order with AT&T they told me it would be at least another 21-30 days!  So I left the phone cancelled and checked in to what it would cost to get out of my current contract with AT&T.


I have since ordered the I Phone from the Apple website and spoke to a very nice rep that helped with everything.  I should have the phone in about a week.  It was so refreshing to deal with someone who was pleasant and who appreciated my business.  I have never received that from AT&T.  I hope to never do business with AT&T again.  All over their very poor customer service and handling of a phone upgrade.  Their too big and have lost focus on the customer.



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Re: AT&T "Can't cancel order" Seriously?

I cancelled my Internet order way back on the 15th so don't say it can't be done. They just had to restore my upgrade status and I was good to go.
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Re: AT&T "Can't cancel order" Seriously?

Beware if they do cancel your preorder, that ATT may not take you off contract without some harassing. That's what they have done to me - every rep I call says they will fix it then it doesn't get done. Ahh ATT, it's not me, it's you. 

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Re: AT&T "Can't cancel order" Seriously?

I ordered mine in the store.  Asked in the store after buying one at Apple and was told they couldn't find my order.  Called att and they said I had to go in the store.  Spoke to the store manager and he said that I had to cancel directly with Apple since it was a direct fulfillment order- called Apple and they say they can't even see att orders.  What do I do now?? I have my phone (16gb white) but want to cancel the one that is backordered!! It shouldn't be that hard!

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