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    Posted Feb 3, 2010
    10:22:01 AM
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    AT&T myWireless Mobile for BlackBerry Bold and Curve

    On Friday, January 29th, AT&T launched the AT&T myWireless Mobile application for the BlackBerry Bold and Curve devices.  Eligible customers can access and manage their myWireless Account directly from their BlackBerry Bold or Curve device.  They can perform many of the same great self-service options that are available to them when using a computer; such as viewing usage, bill summary, paying bills, and managing features.


    Key Points:


    ·  The myWireless Mobile for BlackBerry is a free application; however, standard data download and usage rates apply.

    ·  The application is available on the AT&T Media Mall website. 


    Eligible customers will receive a free SMS message that will include a link to install the application directly on their device. 


    For further information on this new application, click here. 

    AT&T myWireless Mobile for BlackBerry Bold and Curve

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