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AT&T, is this how you treat a loyal customer?


AT&T, is this how you treat a loyal customer?

In the last week:


When I got charges on two of my lines for ringtones I didn't authorize, AT&T not only reversed the charges, but added purchase blocker for free so I didn't have to deal with it anymore. Not once, but TWICE. What ever possessed them to go the extra mile for your customer? This is completely unheard of!!!

When I brought my defective headset into a local store that I bought at an out of state AT&T store, not only did they lookup the receipt, but they replaced the headset on the spot since it was covered by warranty, even though the store was extremely busy and hectic. AT&T, how dare you take care of me promptly and efficiently?!

When I found out the 32GB 3GS was available in the store, they completed the upgrade with no problems, and when I told them I was giving my old iPhone to my son, the store rep proviisioned his account for the iPhone so the transfer could be completed for my son's line right away. I'm just outraged that I was treated like a valued customer!!

Lastly, as a final insult, AT&T had the gall to waive the upgrade fee for my line, even though I fully expected to pay it. What in the world were they thinking?!?!


Because of all these outrages, I'm going to stay with AT&T. I never had a wireless company treat me so shockingly well. Thanks a lot for treating a loyal customer this way, AT&T.


Smiley Very Happy


 (PS a shout out to the store in Sonora, CA, for this outrageous example of stellar customer service).

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Re: AT&T, is this how you treat a loyal customer?

ive had a couple issues but i wouldnt trade them for anyone else. Even when i have had outages it seems the network performs better than it did when the problems were fixed so overall im extremely happy.
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