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AT&T iPad Data Cancellation is Terrible! Consumers beware!


AT&T iPad Data Cancellation is Terrible! Consumers beware!

So, on May 2, 2010 I purchased the 250mb data plan on my new ipad. According to the website, I would have 30 days to use or lose, but it would automatically renew unless I canceled in advance. So...30 days from May 2 is June 1st. On May 30th...two days before renewal...I get a notification that my account was automatically renewed. I still had 8mb left and two more days. I log into the account and I see that I have used 1mb of 250mb...(which is bs because I had cellular turned off what happened to my remaining 8 mb good for two more days). So I canceled the account, using the ipad interface. I figured it was a done deal. Guess what? Not only did I still get charged $15, now I can't even access the data plan anymore! I called AT& waste of time. I explained to them that I had tried to cancel my account and it canceled, but now no access. So, i expected either a credit for my $15 or atleast let me have access back for the month that I paid for (I figured I would use it, then cancel a week in advance to avaid being charged again). "Sorry...we can't help you". Once the account is canceled, that's it. So basically, I gave At&t a $15 bonus for the heck of it.


So, In the end, I have been charged $15 for another months service that I can't access. What a load of crap. Users beware. Total BS policy on AT&T. Shame on you for treating your customers this way (I am a current wireless subscriber with two iPhones).

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Re: AT&T iPad Data Cancellation is Terrible! Consumers beware!

First of all....


1. Why didn't you call and conplain at the loss of the 2 days/8 Meg. Would love to know how they calculated your 30 day period.


2. Have to called and asked them to reactivate for a month and give it to you free?


Cancelling the account does not mean they have no record of your account...right?


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Re: AT&T iPad Data Cancellation is Terrible! Consumers beware!

I tried to get them to reactivate for one month, "sorry we can't do that...You would have to pay again to get access". I was so upset about the charge, I totally forgot to complain about the 8mb loss. But a very good point in hindsight...


Yes, they pulled up the account, but could not change or credit or reactivate.

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Re: AT&T iPad Data Cancellation is Terrible! Consumers beware!

I agree: I have spent about 12 hours on the phone with Apple, trying to establish a new data service for my iPad.  The previous owner can't cancel HIS account (it won't let him log in) and until that happens I can't establish a new account.  Both Apple and ATT have almost strangled themselves pointing fingers at each other.  I am NOT happy, and I don't know where to go next.

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