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.AT&T has the WORST customer service in the world!


.AT&T has the WORST customer service in the world!

My husband and I have been trying to get a new phone line installed at his mother's home next door to us for over 2 weeks now. They finally came out to put in the new line yesterday to her home but the order had been written up incorrectly at the ATT office so the tech had to do a patch to get it to work. As of today, her phone is no longer working. She is 88 years old and in poor health and at this point this is a SAFETY issue. We have spent about 4 hours total on the phone with AT&T in the past two weeks trying to get this done and we are totally in didbelief at their horrible inadequate customer service. We cannot reach anything but a phone tree that is the worst phone tree EVER, and when we finally explain what is going on they tell us it will be another 2 weeks before they can fix this. AT & T is the WORST company I've ever dealt with in my entire life and I guess they can get away with it since they are a monopoly. We were thinking of switching to ATT U-verse before this happened but that will never happen now. I'm also considering switching cell phone companies for my son and myself just so I won't have to deal with them again. I will tell everyone I see what horrible service we have had and hope that just the bad advertising will hurt them in ANY way. I realize that I am just one person, and it probably won't make a difference but I hope one voice will count for something. ATT, you should be ashamed that you are making an 88 year old woman wait so long to have phone service so that she can feel safe in her own home.

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Re: .AT&T has the WORST customer service in the world!

So see this stuff is already two years ago, which happens to be the same time frame that I have seen the biggest improvement in CS.

This entire discussion that is spread out over three threads is well worthwhile because if an upset customer who is thinking about switching from AT&T ends up reading these threads, they may then realize that AT&T CS is improving and everything is pointing up for CS. That is if CS is very important to them,
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Re: .AT&T has the WORST customer service in the world!

Lol it was crazy keeping up but I knew it would circle around to good conversation. We booth have the same positive view of our services and support, just had two different roadsgetting here. You are right. Hope some disgrunt reads one of the discussions at least and see that att is building on a better relation with customers.
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