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AT&T and Over Charging for Data

AT&T and Over Charging for Data

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Look, while I agree that maybe the class action law suit they refer to may not have merit, or that maybe there's just the typical misunderstanding of what goes on, I do want to point out that better, more clear, reporting in the bill MAY have helped avoid a LOT of confusion that has caused this to come about.


AT&T really needs to work out a method of making data billing come out like the voice billing, where data sessions are timed stamped, and there's not of that 'bovine extretion' billing in a lump in the middle of the night going on.


Plus, AT&T really needs to put some pressure on Apple to provide an app that will accurately measure what apps are using data, and how much.


With that type of information superfluous law suits like this one could be avoided.


NOTE:  This is the one post where I will give AT&T the benefit of the doubt.  Last time I post from that perspective.

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Re: AT&T and Over Charging for Data

pete los angeles wrote:

oh, yes, believe at&t over independent testing.  yeah, right.........

This is the second time ATT has accused of potential data overcharges. Maybe ATT should perform its own independent testing to prove the report incorrect. Any chances that might happen?

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Re: AT&T and Over Charging for Data

makes me so glad i kept my unlimited plan. though about saving that extra 10 bucks..

i'll stay with what i have.

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