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AT&T Tilt 2 / Touch Pro 2 Question

AT&T Tilt 2 / Touch Pro 2 Question

Hey guys,


I may be getting a htc touch pro 2 (at&t tilt 2) from someone off of craigslist. They said that the color is mocha, compared to at&t's black/chrome so I am assuming that it is the T-mobile branded version. After researching online I found that only the t-mobile comes in mocha. Anyways... My question is what is the difference between the two models? I personally prefer the AT&T version much more because of the rounded edges and the chrome border, but are there any differences other than that? If it is in fact the t-mobile version, will I still be able to use AT&T's 3g? Do you guys know if the mocha version will come loaded with windows mobile 6.5 (it should right?).


The person told me that the phone is AT&T, but there is no way it's mocha colored and is with AT&T right?


Please help me out. I really appreciate it. Thanks.

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Re: AT&T Tilt 2 / Touch Pro 2 Question

well maybe when the screen is turned off it could be considered mocha?

does it say att when he turns if on?

does it say att across the top, above the screen?

does it have att crap in programs?


as far as compatibility between tmobile phones and att networks, i really dont know.


i would assume the worst, craigs list people are generaly not honest, its probably stolen, or has a serious problem, probably covered under waranty but not if stolen.

also i suspect that tmobile phones use the gsm tech (vs cdma or how ever you spell that) even if it compatiable i would assume that a tmobile device would have to be unlocked to work on a att network. 


my advice would be, unless you are getting this phone really cheap i would not buy used off a stranger. the lack of warranty versus one year is reason enough for me to buy from att


post back with your findings, i'm just curious

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Re: AT&T Tilt 2 / Touch Pro 2 Question

If it is a T-Mo version, you will never be able to get AT&T's 3G. Also, make sure it is unlocked so that you can use AT&T's SIM card.
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Re: AT&T Tilt 2 / Touch Pro 2 Question

thanks for replies so far guys.. anyone else have any more info? thanks Smiley Very Happy


if the phone is windows mobile 6.1 will I be able to install 6.5 for free?

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Re: AT&T Tilt 2 / Touch Pro 2 Question

You are probably asking for trouble with this "deal". I would stay away. As previously mentioned, no warranty. You can install 6.5 or another ROM but there may be hardware issues. I wonder why the seller is getting rid of the phone.
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Re: AT&T Tilt 2 / Touch Pro 2 Question

att did not release the tilt 2 with 6.1


now it could have been flashed  to 6.1 with cooked roms, but i highly doubt it



so its most likely not a att tilt2 based on this alone

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Re: AT&T Tilt 2 / Touch Pro 2 Question

The ATT Tilt 2 only comes in chrome trim/gray back, like you suspect.  If the guy on craigslist says its an ATT branded phone, he is either lying or doesn't know what he is talking about (or can't tell the difference between gray and mocha).  Either way, that means you should stay away, since buying expensive electronics from someone who is either dishonest, or unknowledgable about what he is selling is a real bad idea.


The ATT version has symbols on the top row of the keyboard, instead of numbers.  Also, lots of people say that the ATT "customizations" bog down the performance.  As another already mentioned, the ATT version is the only one that will get you 3G on the ATT network.  Also, if its the T-Mobile version, you would need to get it unlocked to work on ATT, if it isn't already.

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