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AT&T Please Grandfather existing GoPhone data customers...


AT&T Please Grandfather existing GoPhone data customers...

This recent announcement to not allow Paygo 10c/min & Daily Unlim. plan holders to renew data plans hit me like a ton of bricks.  NO COMMUNICATION WHATSOEVER FROM AT&T (not even a text message in advance) stating that my plan would no longer renew my data package.  Instead the are proposing that I simply PAY A 400% MONTHLY FEE INCREASE - OR FACE LOOSING DATA ACCESS ALL TOGETHER - WITH NOT EVENT THE COURTESY OF AN EMAIL STATING THIS IS HAPPENING.


When I spoke to a AT&T CSR the said that they sent out RANDOM TEXT MESSAGE ANNOUNCEMENT to some of the affected PayGo customers - COME ON AT&T, IS THIS A JOKE?  WHAT KIND OF SERVICE IS THIS TO LOYAL EXISTING CUSTOMERS? - IT IS ZERO!


I simply saw someone posting in a blog complaining about this ABRUPT INCREASE that really screws the low-usage customers like myself (WITH A 400% INCREASE IN PRICE) who don't even need any extra data capacity.


At least AT&T could have the decency to grandfather the existing low usage customers.  If they do I will stay with them - if not I will be looking to cancel my AT&T account and look to other carriers to provide my service.


Does anyone else feel this way?  If so please comment and perhaps management will consider this...

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Re: AT&T Please Grandfather existing GoPhone data customers...

pl1 wrote:

Well, I'm not in favor of Government regulations, even though it should be against the law.


But, if a company wants to treat their customers poorly, they will see it in their bottom line. Affected customers likely will never come back. And, so it goes. Word of mouth works both ways in business.

You are not alone.  Many of us lost money on the data price changes. Their recent abuse of GoPhone customers is reprehensible.  We can all be thankful for one thing..........the failure of AT&T in their attempted buyout of T-Mobile.  That would have been a disaster for every wireless user on every wireless network.

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Re: AT&T Please Grandfather existing GoPhone data customers...

Well said, Doc.


It happened here without notice.  Poof! Data wuz gone and auto renewal was deleted.  They are long on "I apologize" and short on making things right.


Since we know it would be futile to ask for a refund even though this is a Material Change, why not google for "mobilegiving" and help a charity out. 

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