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AT&T PayGO - Sim card issue?


AT&T PayGO - Sim card issue?

Hey guys,

Bought an PayGo SIM from eBay. Im coming over to US for two weeks, and needed a local sim for cheap calls etc.

I've activated SIM, and loaded around $20. Issue is that when I inserted sim card in my (iPhone 4/ Nokia) it kept saying ''No SIM/ No sim inserted''. But when I inserted my current sim in my iPhone, it worked just fine and used some seconds to recognize my sim.

Why is that? Doesnt PayGo have any coverage outside US/ in Europe? Im bit worried that it wouldn't work when I come over in couple of weeks.

Any suggestion, or how to sort this out?
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Re: AT&T PayGO - Sim card issue?

The reason is that GoPhone SIms are locked to the phones for 6 months. 


Yesterday I bought my gophone from Bestbuy and they activated it to some dumb throw away phone. I called 1-800-901-9878 and spoke to a nice lady who unlocked my sim so that I could use it in my HTC. She accepted my reasoning but I don't know that this is an accepted practice. I do know that for an Iphone, they won't do that because it is not an authorized AT&T phone but if you say it is for a an HTC Inspire 4g or something they probably will unlock the sim.


Issue: I had the phone that the gophone sim came in so they could unlock it. Not sure if they can do it for you.


Solution: when you arrive in the states many places sell go phones. I spent all of $5 for the throwaway phone/sim + 15 more to load it up at best buy.  

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