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Can someone please tell me if MMS will work when using an Enterprise Level Data Package such as the Microsoft Direct Push Enterprise Data, which instead of using Media Net and (wap.cingular) it uses ATT ISP (isp.cingular). When using isp.cingular the device is assigned a Public IP address and is not NAT'd and does not sit behind the ATT proxy.


If you can, which you should since we pay for it in the messaging plan, can you please show me how to set it up correctly on an HTC TILT 2.


I can't get a straight answer from ATT tech support, most of the tech support has never heard of the data plan and seems confused about ATT ISP (isp.cingular).


Thank you in advance for your help.

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Re: AT&T ISP and MMS

If I'm not mistake, isp.cingular is now exclusively reserved for tethering and laptop connection plans. All PDA data plans use MEdia Net wap.cingular instead. MMS has its own connection settings regardless which plan you're paying for.

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Re: AT&T ISP and MMS

The Microsoft Direct Push Enterprise Data Plan is for Windows Mobile phones. It is the only Data Plan that works with Microsoft Mobile Device Manager 2008 which allows Windows Mobile phones to become part of the Windows AD Domain and installs the Microsoft Mobile VPN Client allowing the devices to VPN in to the corporate network. This Enterprise System does not work with Media Net as Media Net (wap.cingular) uses a Proxy and NAT where all devices sit behind the ATT Proxy. ATT ISP (isp.cingular) does not use NAT or a Proxy.


After changing all our devices data plans to use ATT ISP, MMS quit working. On my HTC Tilt 2 I can go into the MMS settigns and they are:


Server Name: AT&T MMS


Port: 80

Server Address:

Connect Via: (this was set to Media Net. I changed it to AT&T ISP but still not working)


When I ping  from the device both connected to Media Net or ATT ISP it resolves to the same IP address:


I'm out of ideas.

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Re: AT&T ISP and MMS

That sounds like a lot of work for nothing. Why would you like your WM devices to use VPN? If the only thing you need is Email Sync, you really don't need all these fancy stuff and Media Net works just fine. All you need is to have OMA/OWA server exposed to internet using SSL.

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Re: AT&T ISP and MMS

We do use Exchange ActiveSync but MS Mobile Device Manager allows the devices to connect to the VPN so our remote sales team in the field can access our custom internal applicaitons. Additionally MDM allows you to push software and updates to the devics as well as issue Remote Wipes if they devices are lost or stolen. You can also configure policies and provision devices for the enterprise. So its really not a lot of work for nothing if your an enterprise customer with enterpise level needs.

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Re: AT&T ISP and MMS

Most of the features you mentioned do not require the device being connected to VPN at all. Things like device policy enforcement, provisioning and remote wipes are supported without the need for VPN. The only thing VPN gives you is that if you have custom applications on the phone that need to access the resources on your corporate resources inside your corp network.


Your original issue seems to be related to MMS communication. Most of AT&T's communication stack are designed to only work when the default Media Net proxy is used. When you're provisioned to use AT&T ISP, does the Media Net still work? If so, try to set MMS to use MEdia Net connection with the proxy in place.

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Re: AT&T ISP and MMS

I figured out the issue. It is related to the Mobile VPN. When the devices connect to the Mobile VPN all traffic is routed thru our network and firewall, even internet bound. When the VPN is disabled I am able to download the MMS messages. I'ts most likely related to ATT not knowing where the device is coming from so blocking the download of the MMS message. I am working with Microsoft to see if there is a workaround.


The biggest reasons for mobile VPN is secure access to corporate apps inside the network and software push, additionally I can remote desktop from my HTC Tilt 2 into my Windows 7 box (not too efficient due to screen size issues but works when I am out of office and neet to fix something) and SSH into servers. It also allows for immediate remote wipe as opposed to Exchange ActiveSync remote wipe which waits for a sync.

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