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AT&T Elevate issues with contecting wi-fi


AT&T Elevate issues with contecting wi-fi

Intially the Elevate was connecting to my laptop, iPhone 4S and iPad2 perfectly.  For about the past week, I can no longer connect any of my devices to the Elevate.  The display panel shows that it is connected to 4G LTE and the Wi Fi is broadcasting.  The SSID is not longer appearing on any of the devices to even allow me to manually connect.  Tried pulling the battery out, and no joy.  Any thoughts? 

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Re: AT&T Elevate issues with contecting wi-fi

I am having this issue as well, specifically with my iPhone 4S. Elevate will remain connected/and can connect to my PC but will not connect to iPhone, when I try to reset or set WiFi on the phone itself it won't allow me to login, the phone recognizes the device. Any thoughts?
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Re: AT&T Elevate issues with contecting wi-fi

No clues and it is still occuring.  I have tried changing the wireless code and cycled through all the values with no joy.  I have narrowered ti down to a specific offcie building where this occurs.  I;ve not come across this anywhere else and have to assume oit is related to the frequency at which the office WiFi is transmitting.  Funny thing is, ti is not happening with anyone else's devices, regardless of brand or carrier. 

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