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AT&T Discriminate Unlimited data iPhone customers...


AT&T Discriminate Unlimited data iPhone customers...

Is it me or does it seem like AT&T is discriminating their customers with the unlimited data plans on their iPhone?


From an article I've read, they will not be throttling their tiered customers since they can make money off of them.  However, for us unlimited customers, the quality of service (throttled/ aka crippled) will go down if we use what they deemed is too much.  If they were to throttle their tiered customers, then I would say things are fair.  [Per Guidelines:  Keep it Relevant and Appropriate].


What are other people's thoughts?

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Re: AT&T Discriminate Unlimited data iPhone customers...

johninsj wrote:

Wow, way to top a year old thread.


Here's the plain and simple truth. A service comes with a contract, which you read and agree to. The terms of the contract are the only legally binding thing that exists.


All other arguments are meaningless.


Currently, for $30, you can either get 3GB + metered billing, or if you have a very old plan that is grandfathered in, 3GB + unlimited free but throttled data.


If you are on a grandfathered plan, you cannot use any new features added after than plan was frozen, like tethering.


You are free to choose a new plan, if you would like any features offered by the new plan,


Since your contract states what you are and are not legally entitled to, I would suggest carefully reading it - you signed it, you might want to understand what the terms were that you agreed to.

Hey, better than starting a WHOLE NEW thread on this subject.  I congradulate the poster on his ability to recycle.  Seriously, there's no need for a whole new seperate thread.


Anyway, as an owner of an unlimited plan, the only way I'd willingly switch is if my service provider allowed me to bank unused bytes like they do with my voice service.  I don't need to bank an infinite amount, but it'd be nice to have a potential maximum banked of maybe 25gb.  If it were possible to do that, I'd probably switch to a more expensive plan that included tethering.  I don't need to use tethering but there have been a few times somewhat recently where it would have been extremely convenient to be able to do so.


I just still can't come to terms with paying EXTRA on a teired plan JUST to have the tethering feature of my phone 'turned on'.


It's ok for AT&T to earn reasonable profits by charging for actual services provided, but I feel the teired plans are still over priced, under serviced, and charging for tethering on a teired plan is just plain greedy money grubbing.  Charging extra to enable a feature that in reality has ZERO extra cost associated with it...  Well, please utilize more lube when you attempt to bend me over...

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Re: AT&T Discriminate Unlimited data iPhone customers...

Revenge Of DG wrote:


I just still can't come to terms with paying EXTRA on a teired plan JUST to have the tethering feature of my phone 'turned on'.

You don't pay extra. You pay $50 for 5GB of data. Just like you would on the $30 3GB plan if you used 5GB of data.


$30 + $10 + $10 = $50. Yay, math.



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Re: AT&T Discriminate Unlimited data iPhone customers...

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