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AT&T Customer Service

I am applauded at the horrible customer service you receive.  I have been on hold for 79 minutes, let me repeat myself, 79, YES 79 minutes.............I am waiting to be disconnected.  I have been being billed for long distance calls which I was told my phone calls, local and long distance is in my package, yet I continue to be billed for long distance charges.  I tried and tried to call regarding this matter and just get placed on hold.  This is the worst customer service in the industry.  What makes AT&T think my time has no value??  This is disrespectful.  My next call to them will be to cancel service, lets see how long they put me on hold for that!!! 

With so much competition, I cannot believe they are still around.   Maybe if they did not spend so much time on advertising and focused on their current customers they would not have do so much advertising.


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Re: AT&T Customer Service

I so agree with you. I signed up with ATT 2 weeks ago. Best salesstaff and friendly. I went back 3 days ago to get my company discount,  I have had to go back to the store three times, and counless phone calls to customer support   the average wait was  60 minutes just just hear we can't assist you, go back to the retail store. I wish some would of told me amount customer support before I signed with AT&t. I would of never ever signed with them,  and I will tell everyone I know about the customer service and recommend a  different carrier. Because I have wasted literally 5 to 6 hours  on something simple  but to be told over and over that I can help you. Ill finish my contract  but never again will I  be a customer of AT@t

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