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AT&T AppCenter For Brew MP On Mobile Only

AT&T AppCenter For Brew MP On Mobile Only

Any particular reason why AT&T only allows Brew MP apps in the AppCenter to be browsed and downloaded on the phone itself, rather than on their website--I mean, aside from the obvious attempt to get me to buy the data plan that I got a Brew MP phone (HTC Freestyle) specifically to avoid?


With this restriction, unless I'm missing something, I'm unable to add any kind of apps to the phone unless I buy their data plan.  If I wanted to have to buy the data plan to add anything to the phone, I would have gotten an Android-based phone, for which I would have been required to buy a data plan.


Bad business, if you ask me.



Brian {Personal content removed for safety}
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Re: AT&T AppCenter For Brew MP On Mobile Only

Hi Brian,

I'm one of the Community Managers for AT&T following-up on your post.  Thank you for the feedback.  For additional assistance, please be sure to visit .  If we can help further, please shoot me a PM.




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