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AT&T 3G Microcell and Verizon FIOS


AT&T 3G Microcell and Verizon FIOS

FYI for Verizon FIOS users out there.  After a day or so of playing around, calling AT&T tech support (nice guy, tried to be helpful), and reconfiguring my home network I got the microcell to come on-line.  


There's a bunch of network ports (not documented in the end-user manual) that need to be opened for the device to phone home and register.  Went into my Actiontec Router (Verizon - go with D-Link or even Cisco in the future), identified the microcell and put it into the DMZ.  The device came up in less than 15 minutes.


Good news - Got 5 bars in my house and am getting 2.4Mbps down and 48Kbps (?) up on my iPhone.  Bad news - can't get my wife's LG G500 to connect to the microcell.  


Hope this helps.



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Re: AT&T 3G Microcell and Verizon FIOS


The FIOS Actiontec router (REV F) is the problem.




After a month of troubleshooting, replacing routers, dmzing, setting up port triggering, port forwarding, advanced filtering....Today I called verizon and had my ONT switched to ethernet.  Then replaced that router with an old Linksys router that I loaded DD-WRT on.  I reset everything to default on the DD-WRT router, then I connected my DIR-825 (DHCP turned off) router to that.  Did a few tests to check my ping and speed.  All was good.


So then I plugged the cat5 cable from my ATT 3G Microcell into the DIR-825 router(YES two routers deep).  And in the time it took me to login to the DDWRT router and to make sure that it gave the Microcell an IP, I received a text from ATT saying my microcell was successfully activated. 


These actiontec routers are complete junk... case closed!

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