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AT&T 2372 firmware?


AT&T 2372 firmware?

I've had a 2372 for almost a year now, and while it mostly works, it every once in a while (usually when moving) go into blue-red blink mode, which means it stops working until you pull the battery out and restart it. Needless to say, this is irritating.

If I could load AT&T's custom firmware on it, it seems to me this would be less likely to happen.

Is it possible to get it?

Something tells me, that given AT&Ts amazing customer service record that the answer will be that I can go pound sand. Smiley Sad
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Re: AT&T 2372 firmware?

I don't believe that there is actually any "AT&T" firmware for the device since AT&T does not officially support the device.


Have you entered the Access Point Name?    If not try that, it sometimes makes a big difference.

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Re: AT&T 2372 firmware?

Um, fail.


Did you miss the big announcement?

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