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APPS functioning on EDGE


APPS functioning on EDGE

Hi: Will there be a problem running apps on an unlocked smartphone that only picks up "G" and "Edge" ? I am interested in the weather widgets and some of the games from the apps store, but am unsure if they would work if I downloaded them...

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Re: APPS functioning on EDGE

They should work, just really sloooow. At least the parts that use the Internet.
Probably from mobile, maybe. Smiley Happy
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Re: APPS functioning on EDGE

Anndroid154 is right! They will still work as long as you have service connection, whetehr its edge to wifi (lol i typed wif"e"!)  I live in an area that was "EDGE" for years, now i am picking up hsdpa.  But when I would turn off my wi-fi and use an app that required internet connection, it still worked... slower than normal, but worked.


I am not sure about the latest version of Android Market but 2 or 3 mods back, it used to kick in my data service just to load the market, as if overriding wi-fi.  It still navigated rather nicely even it was a slight slower than normal.



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