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*ANY* other messaging?


*ANY* other messaging?

Does anyone know if anyway to get a text messaging plan other than the $20 unlimited?


I find $20 unlimited to be completely silly so I have a text block right now.

Funny thing I'd actually like to give AT&T some money and have say a $10 plan.  


Is there anyway to get another text plan now?  Has anyone tried the executive office?

Thanks for the help.

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Re: *ANY* other messaging?

No, there's no other plan besides pay-per-use or unlimited. The executive office won't be able to help you, as there are no other plans available. If you have data on your phone, you might be able to find an app which can send "text-like" messages over the cellular network or wifi. iPhones can send iMessages to other iOS users.

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Re: *ANY* other messaging?

Just curious, if you don't mind answering:


What minute plan do you have?

Do you pay for extended nights and weekends? 



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Re: *ANY* other messaging?

Are you asking me or the original poster? I honestly don't know what minute plan I have...maybe 900 minutes? I had a family plan with my father until he passed away...I just haven't bothered to lower the plan. And I don't pay for extended nights & weekends, as I never get close to burning all my minutes or rollover minutes.

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