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A lot of questions


A lot of questions

I'm new to ATT.


I'm looking to buy a quadband GSM unlocked phone from Amazon, likely Nokia C6-01. If I get ATT service, is it possible I can get a SIM card with everything pre-installed and pay as you go? If not, what are my least expensive options? I don't plan on using more than 50 min./talk (though I'd rather 10¢/min. if available rather than an actual plan), 100mb data, or 100 text. And I am not a fan of contracts.


Also, with whatever service...can I text/talk/data to international locations from the US without anything extra required (fees, services, etc)?

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Re: A lot of questions

For that phone being that it's a smartphone it may be recommended getting a data plan. There are prepaid plans available. "If you want to use data services on your smartphone, a Data Feature Package is required. Pay-per-use data services are not available for smartphones."


information is available here : Prepaid Plans 

You will be charged if you text, call, and send data internationally.



Standard airtime rate$0.25 per minute
Text Messaging$0.25 per message sent
$0.20 per message received
Instant Messaging$0.50 per message sent/received
Picture Messaging$1.30 per message sent
$0.25 per message received
Data$0.0195 per KB
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