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9860 & 9900 Delayed

9860 & 9900 Delayed

There's a report over on Crackberry that an ATT empolyee involved in the testing and evaluation of the 9860 & 9900 has reported that both models are delayed beyond Octuber due to needed hardware changes.


Looks like the new iPhones will get all of ATT's attention in October.  Anyone surprised by that?

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Re: 9860 & 9900 Delayed

If that is true well, that's just great, I mean really what could possibly be the issue that is holding up the Bold 9900 for AT&T that was not a issue for other carriers. Oh well, it is what it is, nothing we can do or say will change it and no, I'm not surprised by this from AT&T anymore concerning the new Bold. Seems to be par for the course now-a-days.

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