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907 invalid JAR on 8300 curve


907 invalid JAR on 8300 curve

hi there,

i found out yesterday that my bank regions is being supported by at&t's mobile banking software and so tried to download it. i went thru my online account and added the device (my 8300) and it sent me a sms with download link. i tried downloading it but then i keep getting download failed error. i clicked on details and it says 907 invalid JAR...

then i thought it may be issue with regions link, so i try citi and i still get the same error at the end. i called my bank's customer rep and he could not help me out. he gave me the direct link to the jad file and i got 404 error.

then i called at&t's rep. i told her i was running and after rebooting, resending service books, etc. she asked me to try the official version as she was not sure .124 supported all at&t services. so i downgrade it to official .110 only to find out that it does the exact same thing as the .124 version.

any ideas what's going on? it makes me wonder if all this is worth for one app. but i would like to use that app! any help is appreciated. thanks!
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Re: 907 invalid JAR on 8300 curve

the rep called me bk next day and could not solve it...she said she was going to create a case number for me...i donno how to track it. and she asked me to consider replacing my phone by paying for a new phone.


i'm surprised no one knows how to fix this!

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Re: 907 invalid JAR on 8300 curve

Ummm...Blackberry's don't support Java applications...
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Re: 907 invalid JAR on 8300 curve

You are not alone, I have the Incite. My error is unknown trusted certificate. Not being a computer guy and this my first smartphone I would think that is about the same. The mobile banking jar is signed by AT&T Trusted CA1 but it's not listed in the certificates on the phone. Calls and emails to ATT7T has not helped. Like you I would like to use the app, should be easier than scrolling thru the full web page
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Re: 907 invalid JAR on 8300 curve

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