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Re: 5x daily text from 1121611611

5x daily text from 1121611611

I need HELP!!!  I get a text message at least 5x day that reads the following:  (I have a RZR if that matters)

453 Error Invalid Number. Please re-send using a valid 10 digit mobile number or valid short code.
From: 1121611611

I have tried replying "STOP" and many other variations of that including unsubscribe, end etc... and always get this response:

1121611611 Error Invalid Number. Please re-send using a valid 10 digit mobile number or valid short code.
From: 1121611611

I did online chat w/ a customer service rep and she said that it is NOT an AT&T subscription that I'm getting.  The only texting I do is to 5 different friends, and American Idol voting (lame, don't flame me Smiley Wink)... maybe I typed in a wrong number doing the AI voting?  I've been getting this message forEVER...  She is at a loss, and said the only options she can offer me to stop it is to 1. shut off my texting (what's the point of a cell, if not to text?) or 2. change my number (no way!!)

Does anyone have any ideas that may stop this madness?  If I change providers, do you think this will follow me?  Yes, I am THAT desperate to get rid of these messages... AT&T reception in my house is NON existent (never mind in my house, more like in a 50-foot wide bubble surrounding my house!!!) and my husband gets full bars in the basement with his Verizon device so it wouldn't be awful if I had to switch...

Thanks in advance for ANYTHING you can do to help  me... even if it is just to commisserate that you, too, get phantom text messages.Smiley Mad
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Re: 5x daily text from 1121611611

I know your desperation well......Im living a similar nightmare but my text msgs seem to be from another type of source. 
I have been receiving crazy text msgs for about a month now, and on your average weekday I get about 40-50 text msgs from a computer notifying me that the spam msg sent out from a variety of different email addresses was not rec'd due to spam firewall......so my phone is connected to an email address that is used to send out spam msgs.....beautiful!!!!
ok, so how do we correct it??  well i got the same answer from AT&T.......I can block all text msging on my phone (um, no!) or I can change my  number (are you insane?)   um, how about just figure out how to fix it?? 
As of today I have rec'd a total of 1,243 of these text msgs!!  All I can say is thank god for unlimited texting!!   
You mentioned that your husband seems to have great service with Verizon,  you might want to consider your options....
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Re: 5x daily text from 1121611611

ETA:  NEVER MIND... just got one.
I went over to the messaging site where you can block stuff, and blocked texts from all email addresses; then added my husband's and friends' email addresses to the "allow" fields... I usually get this annoying text when I first turn on my phone in the AM and didn't get anything today.  You may want to try over ther.  I'll try and find the link for you.  *knock wood* so far so good!

Message Edited by momtoray&kaitlyn on 06-21-2008 08:21:26 AM
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