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4s says no sim card.


4s says no sim card.

Got invalid sim this morning 3 times. Did a hard reset now it says no sim card. Back to AT&T for new sim card? Or back to apple ??
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Re: 4s says no sim card.

graphite07 wrote:

yep the sim card was dead for unknown reasons. insert new sim phone   searched for the network jumped on it, now it seems faster.

Congrats on getting your issue resolved, and that the issue itself was a relatively simple matter.


FWIW--given the initial experience you had in trying to get your issue resolved, it's no wonder AT&T ranks near the bottom in customer support; I mean, you had one AT&T corp store implying to you that it must be an Apple problem and refusing to do even something as simple as swap a SIM card--how hard would it have been for them to try it?

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