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4G connection problems with the LG Nitro


4G connection problems with the LG Nitro

I've seen a couple other posts on here about this problem, and let me tell you: after 3 weeks and near 20 phone calls of trying to rectify this with Customer Service (ha) and the warranty company (I am unfortunately out of my 30 days to return in store) my offered solutions have been to upgrade early and BUY another phone (which, no - I've bought 2 already thanks - and also thank you to the CSR that decided to take the family unlimited SMS that I am paying for and delete it from my service for no reason, that is exactly the kind of service I would expect.  I really wanted to call customer service and be on the phone for another half hour of my life so they could add it back..) or to have another Nitro sent to me (I am on my second replacement Nitro). I have replaced my SD card with a 4G card as requested, I have performed a factory reset as requested, I have waited for call backs so that my phone could be monitored, I have replaced the battery, and I have put my SD card in my husband's Atrix2 as requested to prove that there was no issue with my card or the service in our area.  I have had 2 cases sent to the warranty company's ICU, one of them was lost or never put through, and the second was sent to technical support and then denied by ICU for a new (read: different) phone.  They will only replace the phone for an exact model.  I have spoken with supervisors, I have spoken to upwards of 25 reps, I have spoken with technical support, and their android specialist team, and have gotten NOWHERE.  I am appalled that there isn't a lemon law for this kind of thing, and am quite close to speaking with an attorney on the matter -  I just sent an email to LG directly to see if they would be sending another update or possibly a recall on the phone, but have not recieved a reply yet.  If anyone has any help they could offer, I am open to just about any suggestion that would rectify this little situation.  Looking forward to replies.  Thanks.

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Re: 4G connection problems with the LG Nitro

I've seen some customers that were able to switch phones after a few lemons.  Just have to complain enough and to the right people.  Ask to speak to a manager, escalate the situation, etc.


And you mean SIM card, not SD card.

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