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4G LTE Icon

I just bought  an HTC Vivid. I would like to know how to turn on my 4glte. the phone's 4G icon is currently visible. how do I turn the phone on to 4GLTE?





Shane Koch

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Re: 4G LTE Icon

You must be in an LTE coverage area to get LTE.  The phone should automatically connect to and show LTE when you are in the LTE coverage area.

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Re: 4G LTE Icon

You can use AT&T's coverage viewer to determine if you are in an LTE coverage area.



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Re: 4G LTE Icon

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You don't need to do anything to turn on LTE.  Default with the Vivid is LTE always on.   As already mentioned, if you never see the LTE icon, you are probably not in an LTE market.  Its being gradually deployed, and only a number of cities have it so far.  Right now, its in 38 of the larger metropolitan areas:





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