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3gs problems


3gs problems

I have had the 3GS iPhone since it came out and have had nothing but trouble with it. I have been to the Apple store several times and have had the phone reset/wiped. I have been to the AT&T store and had a new SIM card installed. Nothing that I have done has made this phone work. I have dropped calls. I have "call failed" regularly. I get voice and text messages delayed, sometimes days after they were sent. I don't know if this is a phone issue or an AT&T issue. My phone will show all of the bars indicating a good reception and yet it acts like I'm on the moon. I am totally disgusted with this phone and AT&T and I'm considering buying a dumb phone from a different carrier. For what I am paying I expect better. Consumer Reports rated AT&T the worst. I will be shocked if this message doesn't get deleted as this is on the AT&T website. I am at my wits end with this and any suggestions would be most appreciated.

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Re: 3gs problems

You've had the device for a little over 2yrs.  You are certainly out of contract, if AT&T doesn't provide service in the areas where you use the device, find another carrier that does.


It makes no logical sense to stick with a carrier the does not provide service where you need it.

If you do decide to leave, pick your next carrier based on coverage NOT on the flashy device.

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Re: 3gs problems

I have the same 3g drop calls problem; whereas my wife doesn't when calling from the same location.  Since this is on an AT&T server, I would assume that AT&T is aware, but apparently does not care?  I have been a customer with AT&T for about 20 years and have never had a cell phone with this problem.

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Re: 3gs problems

If you have a problem but your wife does not in the same location, why do you believe it is an AT&T problem?  Nothing about that makes logical sense.


Have you reported the issue to AT&T?  IF not, there is no logical reason for you to assume that AT&T is aware or does not care.  The only logical conclusion is that it is not an important enough issue for you to report it.

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Re: 3gs problems

We are a four iPhone family. I've had nothing but problems since I upgraded to the 3GS. I bought 3 of them and they've all been trouble! Of course it all happened just after the warranty expired. They all freeze up. One has/had a backlight problem. And just today the battery died on the third.  Within a week of replacing the backlight problem phone, my daughter dropped it and the screen shattered. Luckily Apple replaced that as a courtesy.

I spend over $3,000 a year for these phones and I'm really sick of all the problems!  My first generation iPhone never gave me a problem . I'm online now checking to see when my contract is up.

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Re: 3gs problems

I think this is a case of "YMMV" if I ever saw one.


My household has 3 iPhones, 2 3gs's and a 4, and we haven't had any significant issues, though of the 3 phones the iPhone 4 is the least problematic.


I'm waiting for the 5 before deciding if I'm going to upgrade the 3gs's but over all I'm satisfied with my experience.


Out of curiosity, are all phones on the latest version of the OS, and do you have more problems while at home on your local Wifi, as opposed to being "out and about" away from home?

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