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3G data covergae with IPhone 4 sucks big time!!!


3G data covergae with IPhone 4 sucks big time!!!

So I went to two sports events recently, a football game and a car race. Both times, my IPhone 4 showed 5 bars with 3G, but the internet doesn't simply connect. Yesterday at Road Atlanta, I had no Internet for 12 hours, left the track and a few miles down the road the internet woked fine again. I sopke to two other fans with verizon and sprint phones and both had full internet and were laughing at me. This is truly a joke! Anybody had similar experience?

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Re: 3G data covergae with IPhone 4 sucks big time!!!

I was in Atlanta 3 weeks ago and had the worst coverage ever with my 4g.  That did it it for me, after numerous dropped calls on the iPhone 4, I threw in the towel.  I got the AT&T Android Captivate and have not had any more signal problems, ie-dropped calls.  I will say that the iPhone wins the award for the the worst cell phone I've ever had after having the iPhone 2, 3, 3gs and now this boat anchor.  I've had it with Apple phones.  Since 1984, I've had over 30 phones, smartphones included and this is THE worst and it isn't AT&T's fault.  I guess the only fault they have is picking up this phone!  Apple, do me a favor and stick to iPods and iPads!!!

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Re: 3G data covergae with IPhone 4 sucks big time!!!


drjoe66 wrote:

 This is truly a joke! Anybody had similar experience?

Nope. Been in several situations with multitudes of people and have had no issues with voice or data coverage.


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Re: 3G data covergae with IPhone 4 sucks big time!!!

Sounds more like operator issues. I've had 2 iPhone 3G phones and both of them temporarily stop connecting to the internet from time to time. Just the same as my BBerry did as well. They need to be reset...Once I do this...Problem solved.

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Re: 3G data covergae with IPhone 4 sucks big time!!!

it might have something to do with coverage in atlanta. i have a 3gs and i was dissapointed with the coverage i was getting all around town and so i thought that it could just be the 3gs because it used to work fine in the same spots (before the i4 was released). but i stopped in to many different at&t stores and used my 3gs right beside an i4 and the cell coverage (bars) and 3g service was identical. until an improvement is made in atlanta and the surrounding area, i will not be upgrading my contract or phone. it must be the overload on the network from all the people switching to the i4, but it doesn't make me any happier considering the loyalty and monthly charges i have shown at&t over the years. i blame at&t directly for not keeping up with the demand they knew would be coming with each subsequent release of the new iphones. by now, there should be true nationwide 3g and cell coverage with the capability of handling the customer demand. the technology is available, i just don't think at&t wants to shell out the money for the upgrades.

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