3G Microcell


3G Microcell


I am having trouble activating my 3G Microcell. The power light is solid green. The Ethernet light is pulsing fast green, not flashing slowly. The GPS light is solid green. The only light that is not solid green is the 3G. I have let it flash for almost 24 hours now and it still has not connected. I don't know what to do. Please help. Thank you.


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Re: 3G Microcell

The hook up that I have is: Motorola Surfboard modem connected to Mac Airport Express to a USB/Ethernet adaptor to the Microcell. All my corresponding lights are green: Power,Ethernet and GPS but the 3G light keeps flashing green and not activating. What is happening? I'm thinking it might be a firewall thing but I do not know how to change or even check those settings. Super frustrated!!!

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Re: 3G Microcell

That's not going to work. The USB port on the airport is only for printers and hard disks.

You need to either try the so-called "priority mode" install or get a router that supports Ethernet for LAN side connectivity (you could still use the AirPort as a WiFi bridge if you choose).
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