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3G Microcell vs. Smartphones


3G Microcell vs. Smartphones

After reading older posts about delays with the 3G Microcell booster with Smartphones, has AT&T addressed this issue ??? Just moved into a concrete home in Florida and my reception is very poor. I'm considering buying the booster but need to know if this unit will work efficiently with my 4G HTC Inspire without delays while talking.

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Re: 3G Microcell vs. Smartphones

What "smartphone issues"?  Can you be more specific.  I have 3 working fine with the microcell.  The only issue I am experiencing lately is increased battery drain when using the microcell.  This seems to be specific to Samsung phones.

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Re: 3G Microcell vs. Smartphones

I used the M Cell for about a month before I got fed up with it and unplugged it.  With the iPhone 4s outgoing calls would almost always fail the first time.  Luckily I live in a "decent" AT&T coverage area or my calls wouldn't switch to the tower they would just drop from the M Cell.  


***A temporary solution was to disable cellular data on the iPhone 4s.  Calls were much much better and never dropped and always went right through but honestly I got so sick and tired of always having to turn it back on when I left home.  Visual voicemail doesn't work with it turned off.


Once AT&T does update this thing, I think it will be great.  It has a lot of potential, but needs one heCK of an update.


Hope I helped!!!

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